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Introduction and Master List

Welcome to Surabaya Johnny, the theatre blog of R. C. Turtledove. I'm a theatre studies student at the Univerity of California, Santa Barbara. I'm going to try to write at least a little about every show I see in this blog. Some day I might be a critic or academic, so this is my start.

My username comes from the Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill show Happy End. I was introduced to this song in the Weill/Lenya bio-musical LoveMusik, a Broadway flop in 2007.

I owe my early versing in the ways of the theatre to my mom, Laura Frankos, who played cast albums throughout my childhood. In elementary school, I was listening to Sunday in the Park with George when the Spice Girls were all the rage. The first show I saw was Oklahoma!, in 1997. I was eight years old, and have been attending the theatre regularly since then.

I was heavily involved with every production by my middle school and high school drama clubs from 2000 to 2007. In high school, I started reading plays voraciously, discovering a love for the works of Tom Stoppard in particular. I can say with utmost certainty it is because of my desire to analyze Arcadia in an academic setting I ended up a theatre major.

I've been working for the past year to create a master list of shows and theatrical events I've seen in my lifetime. I should probably have made it a database, but this alphabetical list format should work for the time being.

This is really long, so it's behind the cutCollapse )
Last updated: 9/18/09
Total: 174 individual shows and events (multiple productions of certain shows)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!
'Sister, where is your compassion?' 'Nowhere you can get it.' Collapse )

My New Year's resolution is to update this blog more regularly with commentary, news, and at least a capsule review of every show I attend. Thank you for reading, I hope you'll stick around.

Happy 2009!